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Welcome to the Section of Automatic  Control

The Department of Automatic Control is involved in the design of estimation systems and decision-making or control systems under uncertainty conditions. Besides systems theory, this area especially includes system identification or the search for mathematical models of real systems from the measured data, estimation of unknown parametres, design of linear and non-linear filters for determining the estimations of system states, decision-making for the detection of changes or faults of dynamic systems, designs of  optimal control, design of adaptive control systems and adaptive systems for signal processing.

The Department also engages in the research into new algorithms for the control of technological processes, machines and devices as well as their implementation into bulit-in and distributed control systems. The area of interest covers a whole range of problems from the classic PID regulation, automatic regulator setting through optimal and robust control to predictive control, hybrid set control,  mechatronic set control,  active vibration silencing, as well as the development of complete advanced control systems for industrial applications. Our successful results are demonstrated by a number of references.