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Orientation of the Department in the areas of science and research 

The aim of our research activity is the building and development of systems theory and its application in the area of objectively and subjectively uncertain systems as well as in the planning of information and control systems. The basic activity of artificial intelligence is the research into sophisticated computer algorithms and methods of intelligent machine decision-making and classification. The reseach is mostly focused on the area of man-machine voice communication in natural language.

Research activities are chiefly aimed at:

  • Building and further development of a general systems theory with emphasis on creating a correct axiomatic theory (continuous systems, systems with distributed parametres, etc.)
  • Solving tasks of optimal control and optimal estimation using the latest knowledge of structural characteristics of stochastic systems
  • Solving tasks of adaptive control and estimation
  • Developing systems of intelligent decision-making and communication with application mainly in the area of voice dialog systems (speech recognition and synthesis, dialog control) and technical and medical diagnostics (integration of knowledge- and feature-based approaches)
  • Methodology of planning of information and control systems using methods of object-oriented analysis.