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Linear Systems 1 (LS1)

Credits: 6 ( Lectures: 3, Practical lessons: 2)
Semester: ZS
Ending: zp; zk
Guarantor: Goubej Martin
Lecturer: Goubej Martin
Practical lesson lecturer: Čech Martin, Goubej Martin


Introduction to automatic control and system theory, Mathematical models of continuous and discrete time linear dynamic systems. Convolution, differential and difference equations, transfer function, frequency response. Block algebra, signal graphs, elementary types of blocks. Feedback systems. Stability, Nyquist criterion of stability. Disturbance attenuation, Bode´s theorem. Multivariable linear systems, state and polynomial approaches. Controllability and observability, equivalence, canonical forms, stability. Brunovsky´s theorem of controllable system classification, Kalman´s decomposition theorem. Elementary methods of synthesis.


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