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Systems of Perception and Understanding (SVP)

Credits: 6 ( Lectures: 3, Practical lessons: 2)
Semester: ZS
Ending: zp; zk
Guarantor: Psutka Josef
Lecturer: Psutka Josef Psutka Josef V.
Practical lesson lecturer: Psutka Josef, Psutka Josef V.


Information content of speech, speech model production. Speech processing in time and frequency domains, Fourier analysis, cepstral and linear predictive analyses. Phonetic analysis, vector quantization, speech signal segmentation, decoding. Speech synthesis according to the rules, text-to-speech conversion. Isolated words recognition, dynamic programming, hidden Markov models. Recognition and understanding of continuous speech, statistical and syntactical approaches - the role of syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Knowledge-based approach. Man-computer voice communication. Natural language understanding.