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Expert Systems (ZSY)

Credits: 6 ( Lectures: 3, Practical lessons: 2)
Semester: LS
Ending: zp; zk
Guarantor: Müller Luděk
Lecturer: Müller Luděk
Practical lesson lecturer: Müller Luděk, Zelinka Jan


Characteristics of expert systems, expert system structure. Phases in expert system development. People involved in an expert system project. Knowledge representation: rules, semantic network, frames, logic. Inference techniques, forward-chaining, backward-chaining, search techniques, nonmonotonic inference. Inexact reasoning: Bayesian approach, certainty theory, fuzzy logic, Dempster-Shafer theory. Design of rule-based and frame-based systems. Knowledge aquisition, knowledge engineering. Expert system development tools and software. Development of expert-systems with the EXSYS Professional development package.