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name: Petr Salajka
+420 37763 2529


Ing. Salajka Petr



 + / -  Publications in year 2019

Zbyněk Zajíc and Josef V. Psutka and Lucie Zajícová and Luděk Müller and Petr Salajka : Diarization of The Language Consulting Center Telephone Calls . Speech and Computer (SPECOM 2019), p. 549-558, Springer, Cham, 2019.

 + / -  Publications in year 2018

Zbyněk Zajíc and Lucie Zajícová and Josef V. Psutka and Petr Salajka and Jaromír Novotný and Aleš Pražák and Luděk Müller : First Insight into the Processing of the Language Consulting Center Data . Speech and Computer 20th International Conference (SPECOM 2018), p. 778-787, Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2018.

 + / -  Publications in year 2015

Jan Zelinka and Petr Salajka and Luděk Müller : On Deep and Shallow Neural Networks in Speech Recognition from Speech Spectrum . Speech and Computer, 17th International Conference, SPECOM 2015, p. 301-308, Springer, 2015.